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Karaoke Time Date: Mar 9th @ 4:03pm EST
In my family some weekends we got used to meeting and sharing all together and the most fun time after dinner is Karaoke, especially because we laugh a lot. Especially when I sing I disagree at all times and although my musical taste is varied I always lean to sing Rock and my grandparents and uncles think: "This boy is crazy". For me it is a way to stop shyness and have fun. I'm not a singer but I love to sing.
Patience Date: Mar 9th @ 4:02pm EST
Without a doubt a gift that very few people can experience, we are all trapped in a daily routine that generates stress and worries. There is nothing healthier for a mind than tranquility and that is achieved through patience. Everything is a process and everything has its time, just do not stop, follow and be patient.
My holidays Date: Mar 1st @ 8:04pm EST
Good nutrition Date: Mar 1st @ 8:04pm EST
I'm sorry my little panther Date: Mar 1st @ 8:04pm EST
So Nice Date: Sep 21st @ 10:08am EDT
I'm happy when... Date: Sep 12th @ 5:51pm EDT
I'm happy when I drink a glass of water
I'm happy when I hear my mother laugh
I'm happy when the wind caresses my face
I'm happy when I open the door to my home
I'm happy when I see kindness in humanity
I'm happy hugging my dog
I'm happy when I learn
I'm happy when I wake up
I'm happy to breathe
I'm happy being me.
Family Love Date: Sep 10th @ 9:32am EDT
I Need know the world. Date: Sep 10th @ 9:30am EDT
Lover Book, Not yet, But i can Date: Sep 10th @ 9:26am EDT
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