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Pussy Closed? No way Date: Sep 5th @ 10:14am EDT
I am Confused Date: Sep 4th @ 11:13am EDT
Scary Love Date: Sep 2nd @ 2:40pm EDT
Love? Date: Aug 26th @ 10:04am EDT
Wellcome to the family Date: Aug 24th @ 9:39am EDT
My Hitachi Date: Aug 17th @ 8:58am EDT
I like to write Date: Aug 15th @ 8:34am EDT
t would be super interesting that blogs had the opportunity to be commented, that way we could have a more fluent conversation and I would have the opportunity to know more about you. I do not know if someone reads these words, but it does not matter, because I like to write and more my thoughts because it helps me a lot to express and reflect on life. I remember one day where I wrote an essay about the Liberators and the natives in Colombia, and my teacher congratulated me because it was a text with a lot of character, personality and good writing. Speaking of reading I want you to know that I really like the poems of Pablo Neruda, especially "Ode to critique" fully recommended. Kiss, hugs and bless
New Toys Yummi¡¡¡¡ Date: Aug 15th @ 8:15am EDT
New Photos, That Exciting. Date: Aug 14th @ 11:40am EDT
I only step to greet them as today Monday is my day of rest. I am planning my next photos which will include the explicit photos of the fan club. Also in a promotional videos for my room. I hope you like, organize and plan this kind of thing excites me very much because I do it with much love for you. If you think of any crazy idea for my next section of photos or videos do not hesitate to enter my room and share it. Remember that we are the greatest and we are in this world to help others and be happy, kisses, hugs and blessings.
More Experience. Thank You Date: Aug 13th @ 8:54am EDT
Every Day I learn more and meet interesting people, thanks for visiting my room and sharing your time with me. Already in my room I made three show with different themes (Soldier Army, Cowboy Horney and Sex School) I like to be able to act and make experience in videochat something fun. I also have good news and new I can use my crystal sexy and my Ohmybod, because my little cock is opening slowly. I would like to know also your ideas and that together help me make my room the most fun of Flirt4free. Thank you for reading and for your kindness, kiss, hugs and blessing
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